About us

We are a transportation company and expedition house having fifteen heavy trucks - Euro 6 (DAF and Mercedes).

They are endowed with Krone and Kogel trailers , with mega trolleys having Code XL and ADR certificates.

We carry Freights on regular basis on Romania- England routes (and return) , respectively Romania-Ireland .
Occasionally, we opt for other European destinations.
CMR insurances for the transported goods are worth 100.000 euros.  

Our transit warehouse based in Sebeş is open 24 hours a day for loading & unloading .
The warehouse has a capacity of 100 pallets .

Our qualified staff is focused on solving the needs of our clients, managing each transport seriously and professionally.         

Our company can be found on the most notorious transportation booking platforms such as :
  • Timocom - ID: 330220
  • www.trans.eu - ID: 923419
  • bursatransport.ro - ID: 171402

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