Professional transport and forwarding services

We are a freight and forwarding company having our own fleet of trucks composed by 15 vehicles  ( DAF and Mercedes meeting EURO 6 pollution standards).
Our trucks are equipped with Krone and Kogel trailers , having mega trolleys that hold Code XL and ADR certificates.
We carry freight regularly on routes between Romania - England , respectively Romania-Ireland ( and return ).  Occasionally, we opt for other European destinations.  AWB / CMR insurance for the transported goods is worth 100,000 euros for each vehicle.
In our transit warehouse based in Sebes ( central in Romania) the freights can be loaded and discharged 24 hours a day, where over 100 pallets can be accomodated.

Our qualified staff is focused on solving the needs of our clients , managing each transport seriously and professionally. 

Our company is also present as impeccable member on all major electronic platform of the transportation industry such as :
  • Timocom – ID# 330220
  • – ID# 923419
  • - ID# 171402

Full package of transport services

In addition to our main services as road carrier on internal and international routes services, we also offer a wide and competitive package of services in transports on air, water and railroads .

Best price for our customers !

In order to offer you an optimal price estimate depending on the route and other possible features of your goods to be shipped, please contact us!

Optimal price request !
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